Video: Daycare owner pays it forward! Watch what he does for his employee!

Paying it forward!

The business owner of the daycare Kids’ Kollege Learning Center,  Alex Rios, recognizes his cooks devotion and love for her job.  Veronica Solis is an asset to Rios daycare.

Battling cancer and never missing a day, Veronica depends on someone else for transportation to and from work. She started arriving late each day and Rios addressed this situation with her.

Her situation was one that had her telling him that he should hire someone else because soon she wouldn’t have transportation at all as her resource was moving from the area. She wanted him to hire someone that could get to work on time.

What he actually does instead is an amazing display of humanity and appreciation for a devoted employee. Watch the video below and if you are like me, you will shed a tear with that happy you’ll see!

This is the way people should be! Gives me hope for humanity!




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