“Thrivin” Magazine is Coming in October 2016!

I am excited about this one! Le-Vel is launching “Thrivin” Magazine!

Here is what Jason Camper CEO posted on FB for us on 8/19/2016,

Thrivin Magazine Sneak Peek:

There’s four things I’d like to say about this –

1) This is going to be the hottest lifestyle publication on newsstands and in bookstores, in North America.

2) The “lifestyle” content that will be in Thrivin, over and beyond the product line, will leave so many people interested about WHAT Le-Vel / Thrive really is.

3) The recognition of the Brand Promoters making this brand what it is, will be off the charts. Will you make the cut?

4) Yes, another innovation by Le-Vel.
If you can’t beat us, just join us?


Add Jason Camper, Paul Gravette, and The Le-Vel Fan Page on FaceBook to see whats new for Le-Vel first hand!

Here is a YOUECONOMY Easy Flip Book you can look at. Love this idea….its kind of cute! It downloads as a .pdf but I like the Flip book at this link!  http://www.youeconomy.info/

Did you know that Le-Vel was listed as #2 company in the YOUeconomy  publication that was printed in USAToday on July 22, 2016?

USAToday Features Le-Vel!

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