Real Rex Rabbit Fur Pillows!

Each and every real Rex rabbit fur pillow is crafted by hand from the tanning process to the stitching.  I take pride in knowing my animals are loved and cared for very well as they serve a goal toward self-sufficiency and sustainability of the homestead! (This store is being further developed so stay tuned!)


You may order any variation in colors and design, but personalizing may take a couple of months depending on color availability at the time. I breed for meat, and the fur is a bonus. I do not over populate to collect fur, but I do try to keep them coming for individual projects. If there are no posts listed here below of already crafted products, please do not hesitate to send me a request and I will let you know how long the wait will be. Soon there will be random fur crafts listed that you can just order as is, but for now, I am connecting on a request method. 

The above pillow is sold for $80.00. there is 8 hides used in it. Most others are $50.00, using 4 to 5 hides. It really depends on each individual project, and any other materials used. Brain tanned, true tanned hides will increase $4.00/hide used (the pillow shown is aluminum preserved.) More details will be adjusted as this store is built, but for now I will work directly with you to assemble what you wish! Send me a message on Face Book or comment below and we will chat!

Rex Rabbit Fur colors: (Picture gallery coming soon)

  • Castor (above)
  • Opal (sort of grayish, bluish, almost purple/pink color)
  • Black Otter
  • White
  • Broken Patterns
    • black
    • opal
    • castor

There are 2 types of preservation I use for the rabbit hides that you can choose from. 

Option 1: Brain tanning and smoking (Recommended) 

  • Brain tanning is a true tan. Not only does it last longer than option 2,  it can get wet and remain unchanged and pliable. This is the way of the Indians, and the way I feel best about it because it is authentic and I consider it somewhat of an ancient lost art!

Option 2: Aluminum Sulfate Pickle Preservation

  • Not a TRUE tan, but nicely preserved for crafting. The down side is that it probably won’t last as many years as the true tan above, and you cannot get it wet at all or it will shrink back and harden. So if your pillow/item got wet, you would have to throw it away!


Building in progress……More coming soon! 



4 thoughts on “Real Rex Rabbit Fur Pillows!

  1. I bought a real Rex fur pillow and it is very well worth the money. Much more comfortable than a regular pillow and a lot softer than a normal pillow. I will be replacing all of my pillows with these.

    1. Thank you Scott! I am glad you like it, but you know they are throw pillows right? Very expensive to sleep on lol…..but whatever works for you 😉 I am working on a bed set of decorative fluff right now and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

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