Living Life with Passion and Purpose: Setting Goals!

What are those dreams you have buried in your souls empty place? 

Did you write those dreams down? You should always write your dreams down. Not just as incentive for you to work for, but to remind those around you that you have them and are passionate about living those dreams!

So, you have a dream to inspire you to live your life with passion and purpose! The next step is or should be an obvious one.  Setting goals!

Setting Goals

I think its obvious that every dream has at least one goal to set in order to achieve that dream.  Setting appropriate goals is not as easy as it sounds though. 

Take the Hike for Hope as an example. I have dreamed my entire life about backpacking across the United States like a freedom and peace loving hippy! I spent 25 years of my life raising my family. The kids are grown, and raising their own families now. 

It’s my time to make it matter!

My goal is to follow this dream and make it happen. How would I do that?

Well…I made a solid commitment to do it first! Then I asked myself, “What needs to happen to make this possible?”

My answer was to give it a purpose. Add value and meaning that will inspire me to pull forward when things get tough. I decided to take the most meaningful experiences in my life that I was victim to and make them matter! I chose my cause to bring light to darkness. I chose to Hike for Hope and walk for the plague that silently digs at many of our souls.

My Goal was set in stone! I wrote it down.

“I will Hike for Hope for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse!”

As soon as I shared that Goal, and set the date of departure, it not only put me in action to plan the details, but also made me accountable to people everywhere seeing it. It made me accountable to victims that will benefit from my fundraising efforts. It made me accountable to my children who are also survivors. 

Whether your dream is to finish high school, or win a race. Whether your dream is to start a business or learn to cook…it only matters that you define it, say it loud and clear, and set your goal(s). 

My goal is set for the public to see. You should also share your goal and gather your cheerleaders. They will support you, and you will be accountable to do what you say you are going to do.

Now go ahead and set your goal(s). Tell everyone about them. 

Share them to our FB page, and comment here as well. Tell the world of your intentions and push forward.

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