Living Life with Passion and Purpose: Defining our dreams

I have let the universe hear my dreams.  I’m excited to see what magic is about to unfold!

So often we just run through life doing only what we have to do to survive each day!  Desiring more in life, we suppress that longing and continue to manage our lives for survival.

We are creatures of passion. When we live each day just doing what we are used to because it works, we deny ourselves the truest meaning of being alive in any real sense. Bad idea for us all! Where’s the passion for life when we suppress our longing to live our dreams?

TODAY….I want you to think about what your truest passions would be in living your dream. Write it down!  Here is how I do it…

On a post-it, I wrote my ultimate happy place! The dream I have carried through from my childhood.

My biggest dream in life is to travel across the US.

I actually write a few dreams of passion out on different post-its. I even write it on the front of my notebooks and folders, so it is in my eyes view constantly. Even put it on the fridge and bathroom mirror!

Every day, I say it out loud to at least 2 people. Even if they have heard you before…say it again and again to reinforce that passion to the people in your life, and to yourself.

Take some pictures of your post-its. Share them here on our FB page so we can support each other!

Pay no mind to others opinions. Feel it in your own soul till it burns.

Do you hate getting up and going to the same job day after day to earn a living?

Do you dream about owning your own business, or finding the perfect career?

Are you a traveler and want to see the world?

Have you published that book you always wanted to write?

What are you waiting for? Jump in now and follow me in building your passion and motivation to change your life into what you deserve. DO NOT tell yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t for any reason whatsoever. 

This is only step one in living life with passion and purpose. 

Follow me to grow into Living Life with Passion and Purpose.


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