Ten Apple Recipes You Can’t Live Without

I remember harvest time when I was a kid. The smell of apples baking in pies, apple sauce being cooked down in the crock-pot, and apple cider dripping from the press. The following recipes have been rounded up to bring you the best apple recipes on the web to celebrate the childhood memories when life was slower, and food came from neighborhood yards.

Being born and raised in upstate New York, and planted in Alabama, there are many things about home that I miss. Snow on Christmas is probably the biggest thing about the North that I yearn for, but apples of New York are different than I have tasted here in Alabama.

The numbers of private, backyard, family apple orchards have declined, but still there are some. I remember as a kid, picking apples, or shaking them loose from the trees with my brother and sister. They were huge back then. Even the flavor was different. Apples were sweeter, and juicier too. Now we have the little tiny apples in the grocery stores and farm markets with flavor just as small when compared to our heritage apples of the past. It goes to show you what has become of the little family orchards that offered untainted, heritage apples. They are disappearing, and in my opinion, today’s apples just can’t stand up to those of our pasts.

In New York, I know several private, family orchards, and their apples are like a taste of history. I used to gather apples from my brother in laws little orchard and put them in a cider press. Apple cider in the south is nothing even close to the apple cider of the upper states. My mother actually ships me local apple cider once a year when the produce section is lined up with freshly pressed apple cider. I sure do miss the old days!

1. Apple Dumplings

This recipe from The Pioneer Woman has an ingredient in it that will surprise you, but that’s exactly what makes it stand out from other apple dumpling recipes!

2. Double Crusted Apple Pie

This apple pie crust is super flaky, and the filling has the perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon. My favorite way to eat it is with a bit of vanilla ice-cream.


3. Easy Apple Butter

Test Kitchen Tip: Use a wooden spoon to draw a line through the apple butter on the bottom of the pot; if the line holds for 5 seconds before the apple butter merges back together, it’s finished cooking.


4. Gingered Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler

With spicy sweet potatoes and syrupy apples, this dessert is a combo of all your favorite fall treats.

5. Spiced Apple Cider

What’s fun about this recipe, other than the fact you need very few ingredients and that it’s super easy to make, is that you can make this a cocktail or leave the alcohol out. Either way it’s wonderful!

6. Caramel Apples

Another Childhood Memory that brings your taste buds alive.

Making the gooey homemade caramel for these caramel apples may take a little time, but it’s totally worth the effort.


7. Easy Apple Crisp

If you can’t pull off a Fresh Apple Pie, an easy apple crisp is the next best thing.

8. Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

Crispy, crunchy baked cinnamon apple chips made at home. Healthy, cheap, easy, and addicting!

9. Healthy Apple Muffins

Amazing, healthy apple muffins made with maple syrup and whole wheat flour! No one will guess that this simple cinnamon apple muffin recipe is good for you, too.


Warm and delicious…nothing beats a flauta!  And they can also be made on a gas BBQ grill–great for an outdoor party dessert.  Not bad calorie-wise either (if you can stop at one).

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