Wild Edibles


Me, being a free spirit and wanna be naturalist; I try to utilize any and all valuable FREE resources. What more value is there then FREE food in your yard and gardens?


I know that when I forage like we did in the not so distant past, I feel on top of the world. I feel like I can make it through tough times or even in different survival scenarios. Knowing what you have available for food sources around you can contribute to your life in many ways. Even if you don’t utilize free food sources, commonly known as weeds, in your everyday life, learning that you can is a big deal, and a great source to teach your children. You never know when you’ll NEED to eat your weeds!


If YOU aren’t THRIVING, you need to call me!

Let me show you how you can feel better than you have ever felt in your life. This new health and wellness movement that is spreading quickly around the world, and truly changing lives. It’s moving people toward the lifestyles we all deserve. Watch my video here to listen to my story (updated soon), or click the image below to go to the Corporate website!




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