About Me

I am passionate about life! Always evolving, I try my best to keep a positive approach in all I do.  That has not always been the case though. I still have my moments where I back up and catch myself trying to fizzle out. We all do. Get to know me on a personal basis and hey…don’t hesitate to mingle! I love interaction on a personal note!

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I am  not quite sure I’m actually a true hippy, but I stand for peace, and love. I love the earth and feel the need to  do my part to protect it the best I can.  I love nature and freedom to live on my own terms. Most of my friends call me the hippy chic, so I guess I’ve come to embrace that about myself.

Hippy Homesteader?


My dream in life has always been to build a homestead. Something that prides its self on self sufficiency and love for the earth. I want  that back to basics feeling in life. At the same time, I love having online business up and going. That’s that whole freedom feel for the hippies soul too, and I am pushing on for MORE!

I enjoy motivating people. The more I practice lifting others, the better my own self esteem and desires to make life what I want of it surface! Passion builds when you find you are doing what you love. You come alive and you begin to feel that pull for more. The key is personal growth and development!


Gardening and Rabbitry

I garden with passion! I grow food for survival and more less garden for my animals.  That is what my passion for nature has gotten me this year! I allowed a couple of escapee bunnies to stay in the yard and be their beautiful selves! Then they ate my entire garden! So much for freedom eh? Guess I wasn’t ready for that lol.


I am a mama and nana. My 3 kids are grown, and I have 5…that’s right FIVE grand babies. My oldest is almost 9 as I write this in 2016.


Cake Decorating

I have decorated cakes and catered for years. I still do, but that passion has faded through the years, and I am trying to get away from that more now.

   There is so much to my story…my life that I can’t even begin to tell you about in this section alone.  Follow me and get the inspiration to motivate your life and set your own soul on fire with desire to live your dreams.

See how I continue to develop my passions and find true freedom feel in my life.  Sometimes I get a bit extreme in my ideas, but sometimes hippies like me need extreme! If I can do it…so can you!



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